New Phone Number to Aust-Agder Vegfinans AS:

12/10/2017 03.47

+47 38 60 12 01


12/07/2017 09.44

The Austrian toll service provider ASFINAG ETS closes from 1 July 2017


The Austrian toll service provider ASFINAG ETS has been a toll service provider for the EasyGo+ service since the service was introduced in 2013, but has now decided to stop their international activity from 1 July 2017.


The EasyGo+ service will continue as today and Scandinavian users with EasyGo+ OBEs from BroBizz AS can still use these in Austria and Scandinavia. Users currently having a contract with ASFINAG ETS will however have to replace their existing contract/OBE with a new OBE from BroBizz AS in Denmark. BroBizz AS is currently the only toll service provider offering EasyGo+ OBEs for heavy vehicles and mobile homes which can be used in Austria as well as in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


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