Non-account holders

28/10/2016 01.37

If you are driving a foreign vehicle, the bill will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This is done via an international company - EPC (Euro Parking Collection).

Stop of cash payment

28/10/2016 01.09

From 01. April 2015 you will no longer be able to pay in cash for passages at our distributers.


You will receive an invoice for passes, without any additional fee.



Statoil Grimstad quits as our ditributer 01/01/2014.

04/01/2017 08.47

Statoil Grimstad quits as our ditributer 01/01/2014.

Please use our other service stations Gaupemyr Shell, Circle K Harebakken or Shell Myrlandsvingen.

New collection system

13/04/2010 11.34

New collection system for the E18 Aust-Agder from 27.08.2009

Collection of tolls is now based on automatic toll plazas. All road users must pass through toll plazas without stopping. For customers with AutoPASS agreement this represent no changes, while customers without AutoPASS will be sent an invoice on the payment.It is also possible to pay for the passings over the Internet