New self-service solution (My Page) for AutoPASS customers from February 26th

08/02/2018 11.15

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the toll road operators have developed the MyPage self-service solution. As of 26 February you may visit or your toll road operator's website. You may then log on via the ID portal by using your national insurance number and password in conjunction with your cell phone or code chip.

No toll at E18 in Aust-Agder

17/01/2018 03.40

From Monday 15 January 2018 at 12:00 thre is a stop for toll on E18 in Aust-Agder.

New Phone Number to Aust-Agder Vegfinans AS:

12/10/2017 03.47

+47 38 60 12 01


12/07/2017 09.44

The Austrian toll service provider ASFINAG ETS closes from 1 July 2017


The Austrian toll service provider ASFINAG ETS has been a toll service provider for the EasyGo+ service since the service was introduced in 2013, but has now decided to stop their international activity from 1 July 2017.


The EasyGo+ service will continue as today and Scandinavian users with EasyGo+ OBEs from BroBizz AS can still use these in Austria and Scandinavia. Users currently having a contract with ASFINAG ETS will however have to replace their existing contract/OBE with a new OBE from BroBizz AS in Denmark. BroBizz AS is currently the only toll service provider offering EasyGo+ OBEs for heavy vehicles and mobile homes which can be used in Austria as well as in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Information in English

Informationen in Deutsch.

Non-account holders

28/10/2016 01.37

If you are driving a foreign vehicle, the bill will be sent to the owner of the vehicle. This is done via an international company - EPC (Euro Parking Collection).