How can I get a tag

When you have registered an agreement at our website www.agderbomdrift.no we will send you a tag by post.


How to make changes in your contract?

Please notify us if there are any changes regarding you contract, such as change of car or  new address.

Change address

It is important that your address details are always up to date. This will make sure that the giro for your contract reaches you on time. There are two ways of registering an address change.
  • You can log onto 'My Page' and change the address there.
  • e-mail to e18aust-agder@agderbomdrift.no

Change name

A contract is personal, and for legal reasons we are unable to change the name of the contract holder. This is only done in special cases, for example registration errors, or if the holder changes name. In such cases contact us! For example, if you wish to transfer a contract between family members, the old client must terminate his or her contract and the new client must start a new contract.

Change vehicle registration number

If you change your car it is important that you notify us as soon as possible, even if it is only for a short period of time. 
  • A contract only applies to the car it is registered to!
  • You can only change car once per day, but we do not recommend changes more often than every third day due to the update times in the computer system.
You can register a change of car in several ways:
  • Register as a user on our website and log onto 'My Page'.
  • e-mail e18aust-agder@agderbomdrift.no

Terminate a contract

If you no longer require a contract with E18 Aust-Agder, it is important that you terminate your contract. Use the contract form or 'My Page'. When we receive the returned tag, the tag deposit will be refunded.  Final settlements are refunded  according to our contract provisions. If you do not have a car for a period of time, you can choose to keep your tag.  We will then  block your contract for a period of time. You can reactivate the contract by calling us or sending us an e-mail. You can not activate the contract via our website, or carry out a car change in a blocked contract.