What types of contracts are available?

These are available contracts :

Current rates

Vehicle under 3,5 t without AutoPASS-tag

Vehicle over 3,5 t without AutoPASS-tag

Per passing

Østerholtheia         Nok 30,-

Inntjore                 Nok 15,-

Kviksdalen             Nok 15,-

Per passing

Østerholtheia           Nok 60,-

Inntjore                   Nok 30,-

Kviksdalen               Nok 30,-


Vehicle under 3,5 t with AutoPASS-tag

Vehicle over 3,5 t with AutoPASS-tag


Prepayment nok 1.050,-



Prepayment nok 4.500,-


Prepayment nok 7.500,-


Company - deposit nok 5000,-



All heavy vehicle with GVW over 3,5 tonn, postpay billing only 10%


Where can I get a contract?

You can order a contract at our website

When is the contract active?

The contract is active as soon as you have signed the form and installed the tag. However you will not get any lightsignal until the first invoice is paid. You will receive the invoice within a cuple of weeks. If not, it is your responsability to contact Agder Bomdrift AS.